Have you had the opportunity to experience the delicious flavors of the Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant? If not, you should take the opportunity to taste the delectable spices of Ethiopia. With an abundance of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food, Ethiopian food is able to be eaten by virtually anyone who is hungry and enjoys mouthwatering, zesty food. The best part about the Ethiopian Diamond is that there are so many options to choose from whether you are a strict meat eater or enjoy only vegetables.

Furthermore, this Ethiopian restaurant is able to deliver to your doorstep, provide takeout, or you can make a reservation to eat in our restaurant. If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to eat at this sumptuous restaurant, take advantage of the fact that Ethiopian Diamond is located in two separate locations in Chicago. One location is on North Broadway and the other on North Clark. Make a reservation today and fill your tummy with healthy and delicious tasting food.

In addition to serving the charming people of Chicago, the Ethiopian Diamond also offers a program that helps educate students about Ethiopia. Our main goal when you come to our Ethiopian restaurant is to feel like you are in Ethiopia without actually having to go. Experience the delicious food, learn about the culture, and gain increased knowledge about Ethiopia.

We decided to set up this particular program to give students the opportunity to become familiar with a country that is not their own. By helping students understand Ethiopia and educating them about a new country, we’re giving them the opportunity to experience and become familiar with countries that are different to their own. America is made up of many contrasting people of many versatile backgrounds, which means understanding people who may have grown up differently than others is important. What makes America great is that there is a collaboration of different cultures, educations, and types of people who come from different backgrounds.

When you take the time to get to know someone who is different than you, you have the ability to understand more about the world and yourself. What we wanted to give students who are elementary age all the way up to college age is the knowledge that everyone is different and you can learn something new from each person around you. As an Ethiopian restaurant, we’re able to serve people delicious food, but we’re also able to educate them about Ethiopian culture.

The program is significantly simple. We allow a variety of students to come through our restaurant who are doing research on school projects etc. When they come in to visit us we explain and allow them to learn about the culture of Ethiopia, the food of Ethiopia, and the history of Ethiopia. Ethiopia has a very rich culture and a very lengthy history, which means there’s a lot to learn.

What’s great about learning about another country and culture is that you can learn a lot from each other and allow yourself to grow and become more accepting of people who may be different than you. We help students add to their own research about Ethiopia and give them a first hand experience about what it’s like living in a country that is not America.

In addition, if students need food to bring in for school we pack food based on whatever kind of order they make. We are able to cook in bulk for catered parties etc. and packing food for students is very similar. To learn more about our catering, contact us. Furthermore, we also host kids from all over Chicago and the suburbs who want to come visit and experience the food of Ethiopia. Usually, students come to visit after a trip to a museum or the zoo. Once they are finished with the experience at the zoo or museum the students stop in to take advantage of the delicious food after a long day and the culture.

Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to explore a different culture than your own. To give you the full Ethiopian experience take the time to check out our restaurant. We also offer Ethiopian Nights, which consists of immersing yourself in the culture of Ethiopia and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of being around friends, good food, and melodious music.

Make a reservation or stop by Ethiopian Diamond today to fill your stomach with rich, delicious Ethiopian food.