Walking into the Ethiopian Diamond, an Ethiopian restaurant, there is the distinct smell of spices and prepared Ethiopian food. The din that fills the restaurant is centered around people talking, but beautiful, melodious music also blankets the room and creates a warm atmosphere. The combination of traditional music during dinner must mean that Ethiopian Nights is taking place. The Ethiopian Diamond wants to welcome you to Ethiopian Nights and give you and your family or friends a real taste of what it’s like in Ethiopia.

What Are Ethiopian Nights?

blogimageEthiopian nights allows you to get a special taste of what Ethiopia is really like. There are so many views of the Ethiopian culture that Americans are not privy to. Take some time to experience a different culture that will allow you to learn more about countries outside of the United States. We play traditional Ethiopian music during dinnertime, and we educate our guests about the Ethiopian culture. The traditional Ethiopian music is vibrant, warm, and reverberates through your body touching a deep part of your soul.

We wanted to give our community not only a taste of our culture, but also allow our guests to really become absorbed in a culture that is so different than America. We wanted to let you hear Ethiopian culture while you enjoy the food and really take in every aspect of something a little different, authentic, and special in our hearts. If you never have the opportunity to go to Ethiopia, you can at least enjoy spending a night at Ethiopian Nights to really become immersed in something so different from your own culture. Our main goal is to ensure that each of our guests is able to get the whole experience of Ethiopia. Take a night off, and indulge in delicious Ethiopian cuisine and listen to mellifluous music.

In addition, on some nights we offer a coffee ceremony near the music, so to find out what a coffee ceremony entails, you’ll have to stop in. We look forward to seeing you there!

Location, Date, Time

Ethiopian Night is located at our Broadway location and takes place during dinnertime between the hours of 7pm and 10pm. To learn more about Ethiopian Night, contact us.

Ethiopian food is filled with nutrients and caters to the vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diet. Check out our menu to order takeout, delivery, or come see us on Broadway or on North Clark in Chicago.