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  1. Health Benefits Of Ethiopian Food

    How many times have you gone out to eat to feel guilty the next day for what you consumed? Going out for hamburgers, waffles, tacos, eggs benedict, chicken wings, steak, and ice cream, are all delicious food items, but how healthy are they? With the large amounts of hormones in our food, saturated in fatty oils, and pumped with other additives we probably don’t even know about, it can sometimes…Read More

  2. Ethiopian Food Dishes For Children

    If you enjoy Ethiopian food, but have children who are picky, then taking them out for any type of food can be a hassle. Don’t be deterred by your child’s picky palate, instead embrace your child’s tastes. Your child might not like any vegetables and may only eat mac and cheese from a box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to try a new type of food. Children’s palates ten…Read More

  3. Ethiopian Desserts To Try

    When you think of Ethiopian food you probably don’t specifically think of desserts. When you think of Ethiopian you probably image injera, wat, vegetables, and lots of spices. That is, if you’ve had the opportunity to try Ethiopian food. If you have yet to sit down in an Ethiopian restaurant, then it’s time you try some delicious Ethiopian food. If you didn’t know, Ethiopian food is one o…Read More

  4. Fun Facts About Ethiopian Food

    In some of our past blogs, we explored Intriguing Facts About Ethiopia, a blog post that dove into some facts about Ethiopia. At Ethiopian Diamond, located in Chicago, we like to educate our guests who come to eat at our restaurant about Ethiopia. In Intriguing Facts About Ethiopia, we learned about some facts about Ethiopia. In today’s blog, we’ll be learning some fun facts about Ethiopian f…Read More

  5. Ethiopian Coffee

    Do you wake up in the mornings in search for that delicious cup of coffee? Do you have trouble getting out of bed without a cup of coffee to get you going on your way to work? If you are an avid coffee drinker, then you must try Ethiopian coffee. Vastly different than American coffee, Ethiopian coffee will wake you up from the top of your head all the way to the tips of your toes. With a rich aro…Read More

  6. Intriguing Facts About Ethiopia

    Food is one of life’s many comforts. If you are having a bad day, want to celebrate a special occasion, or just want to treat yourself, going out to eat is a great way to comfort yourself. Some amazing food to consume that will expand your palette is Ethiopian food. If you’ve never experienced the delicious flavorful tastes of Ethiopian food, then you’re severely missing out on a great oppo…Read More

  7. Vegetarian And Vegan Dishes To Try

    Being a person who only eats certain foods can hinder going out to eat, especially in large groups. If you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten intolerant, or have any other type of dietary restriction, it can be hard to find a restaurant that everyone can enjoy. If you go to an American restaurant, it can be difficult to find dishes that are filling, healthy, and delicious for everyone. It can be hard …Read More

  8. What Are The Benefits Of Eating Ethiopian Food?

      Do you know the many benefits of eating Ethiopian food? We don’t mean the health benefits either, we mean the benefits of eating Ethiopian food and why you should try this delicious food, too. Food is more than health benefits. Good food will be associated with great memories, affordable spending, and delicious flavorful tastes on your tongue. A good experience is associated with a fantas…Read More

  9. Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Ethiopian Food

    This scenario of resistance is particularly true when people are asked to try a type of food that they’ve never encountered before, like the Ethiopian food we serve here at Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant in Chicago. We understand that people can be very particular about the types of foods they put into their bodies, now more than ever. We understand that you’ve developed a certain sense of taste…Read More

  10. The Best Ethiopian Dishes For First-Time Guests

    Exotic. Colorful. Spicy. These are all words commonly used to describe Ethiopian food. However, these words can be a little intimidating for people who rarely venture outside of a few favorite foods. Here at Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant, we want everyone to feel welcome and like they can turn to us for a delicious, healthy meal. To help encourage more people to come in and try our Ethiopian food, …Read More

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