If you are new to Ethiopian food and you haven’t had the chance to come in and try some favorite dishes then you are totally missing out. Here are some of our favorites on the menu that you must try. To easy you in we have Sambusa. Sambusa is a fried dish with a savoury filling. We have vegetarian options such as whole lentil which is our favorite then we have spinach and last but not least pota…Read More

  2. Things you didn’t know about Ethiopia

    1. Unconquered Ethiopia is the only country in Africa out of 54 countries that NEVER got colonized. The Italians occupied the country for six years but the Ethiopian forces were tough and fault till the end. Long live Ethiopia. 2. Ethiopian time I bet you didn’t know about this. Yes there is something called “Ethiopian Time. They also measure the hours of the day differently as of the western …Read More

  3. What is Bunna?

      Bunna is a traditional coffee ceremony done in Ethiopia. It’s offered when visiting friends, during festivities, or as a daily staple of life. It’s a mark of respect and hospitality in the presence of a visitor.   The ceremony is typically performed by the woman of the household and is considered an honor. The coffee ceremony is set up around a "rekbot" a shelf-like box furniture that serv…Read More

  4. Ethiopia Traditional Dance

    Ethiopian Traditional dance Every country in Africa has their own traditional way of welcoming you into their culture. IN Ethiopia, they have a particular dance they do at all times. Weather it’s a celebration, music video or just out having fun with a few  friends. The dance is known as “Eskesta” meaning the dance of the shoulder. It’s performed by both men and women, it’s known for it…Read More

  5. Where is Ethiopia?

    We all know about Ethiopian cuisine, their delicious food and let’s not forget their awaking coffee for the coffee loves out there. But have you ever for a second thought of where it’s located and its history? Well let me take you down history lane. Ethiopia is a country located in East Africa. It’s officially called Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It shares borders with Eritrea, K…Read More

  6. Injera: The Flatbread Of Ethiopia

    Is your stomach rumbling for something delicious and nutritious? Don’t stop at your local eatery or a fast food joint, take the time to try something a little out of your comfort zone. What are we talking about? Ethiopian food, of course! Not many American people have eaten Ethiopian food and they don’t know what they are missing out on. Not only is Ethiopian food healthy it’s also delectabl…Read More

  7. Health Benefits Of Ethiopian Food

    How many times have you gone out to eat to feel guilty the next day for what you consumed? Going out for hamburgers, waffles, tacos, eggs benedict, chicken wings, steak, and ice cream, are all delicious food items, but how healthy are they? With the large amounts of hormones in our food, saturated in fatty oils, and pumped with other additives we probably don’t even know about, it can sometimes …Read More

  8. Ethiopian Food Dishes For Children

    If you enjoy Ethiopian food, but have children who are picky, then taking them out for any type of food can be a hassle. Don’t be deterred by your child’s picky palate, instead embrace your child’s tastes. Your child might not like any vegetables and may only eat mac and cheese from a box, but that doesn’t mean you can’t encourage them to try a new type of food. Children’s palates tend…Read More

  9. Ethiopian Desserts To Try

    When you think of Ethiopian food you probably don’t specifically think of desserts. When you think of Ethiopian you probably image injera, wat, vegetables, and lots of spices. That is, if you’ve had the opportunity to try Ethiopian food. If you have yet to sit down in an Ethiopian restaurant, then it’s time you try some delicious Ethiopian food. If you didn’t know, Ethiopian food is one of…Read More

  10. Fun Facts About Ethiopian Food

    In some of our past blogs, we explored Intriguing Facts About Ethiopia, a blog post that dove into some facts about Ethiopia. At Ethiopian Diamond, located in Chicago, we like to educate our guests who come to eat at our restaurant about Ethiopia. In Intriguing Facts About Ethiopia, we learned about some facts about Ethiopia. In today’s blog, we’ll be learning some fun facts about Ethiopian fo…Read More